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"I have not been numb, tingly, or sore a day since."


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Watch Her Story

"I'm amazed at how little pain there is!"


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"Immediately the next day it felt better."


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Dennis R.'s story.

After several years of pain and numbness in my hand, I had a conversation with my doctor during my annual physical about a solution. He recommended Dr. Randy Lovell. 

My appointment with Dr. Lovell and his P.A. Crystal Dole was so impressive that I scheduled surgery that day, to be done just before a 6 week Florida vacation. 

The surgery was brief and painless with only local anesthetic in my hand. I really appreciated not having to be put under anesthesia for the procedure. Recovery was smooth with the only limitation being a 10-pound lifting restriction for two weeks. 

Now I no longer have the pain I experienced during day or the numbness that would wake me several times during the night. 

I would highly recommend the SmartRelease procedure for anyone experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

-March 2022

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John W.'s story.

I had been experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel for several months. I recognized the symptoms from having surgery to correct the problem 16 years ago. It wasn’t getting better so I decided to explore current methods for correcting the situation. My primary care physician recommended Dr. Randy Lovell.

I was familiar with his name and reputation and made the appointment. He verified the carpal tunnel diagnosis and explained the procedure he uses to correct the situation. I was a bit skeptical due to the way it had been done 16 years ago. I scheduled the surgery which was performed on January 2022. Wow what a difference from the experience I had 16 years ago! 

  • No general anesthesia
  • No 6 weeks in a cast
  • No prescription pain medications
  • Was able to drive myself home following the procedure
  • Was awake during the procedure and could communicate with the surgeon during the procedure
  • No need to take time away from work
  • Very short recovery time 

I was totally amazed how quickly I was totally released from any restrictions.

-February 2022

Testimonial was edited for purposes of website formatting.